6 Professions You May Never Heard Of That Will Make That Graduate Degree Count

If you’re going to spend upwards of $100,000 for a graduate degree, it may as well be in something that you’ll not only use, but will pay off in the end. What’s the point of going to school if only to end up further in debt and be stuck with a decade or more of paying it off?

While these professions may not sound exciting to everyone, they are definitely niche industries that not only need applicants, but pay quite well, too. And most importantly they’re needed right now even though the economy is down in the dumps. So what’s better than a job that meets market demands and in being so, is probably far safer than most occupations when it comes to layoffs and pays very well? Not much, except maybe an all-expense-paid trip somewhere.

Your graduate degree is what you make of it. A niche degree is something that you can leverage, especially if the skills that you’ll develop are in high demand. Economics 101: know your market, and know where supply undershoots, meets, or overshoots demand.

Graduate school is the time to find your place in the world, to focus on long term and discover your specialty. So take a look at these six fields and see if one might be the right fit for you.





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