Poll: What Are Your Thoughts On Forever 21′s Shirt That Declares Girls Are Allergic To Algebra?

You have to really love a teen girls’ clothing store that perpetuates gender stereotypes. I can only imagine the brainiacs who sat down and decided to try to make money off the reality that there are far too few women in maths and sciences.

Forever 21, who has seen their fair share of controversy in the past, including last year when they had the brilliant idea of making maternity clothes for teens, have ruffled feathers once again.

This time they’ve sparked some more controversy with their newest shirt for girls that says they’re “allergic to algebra.” This stellar shirt comes just weeks after JCPenny’s back-to-school beauty that read “I’m too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me.” Being dumb is so cool!

My heart breaks for any girl that would think this is okay to buy or wear; my heart also breaks at the thought of exactly where our society is headed. Who is going to run this country when I’m 80? I want answers before I throw in the towel and move to some people-free island in the Pacific.

I have an idea. Why don’t we just make it simple and truthful — how about: “I’m allergic to cafeteria food.” Sure it perpetuates a stereotype that school cafeteria food is bad, but in this case it’s also a truth. Of course, tater tots are not being taken into consideration when this statement is made.

What are your feelings on this shirt?

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