Study: Telecommuting May Make Your Employees More Honest

A study done by The Ethisphere Institute showed that, although some employers may not agree, telework can actually be a good thing to offer employees.

First of all, it’s green. Keeping all your employees out of their cars, is helping to make their carbon footprint smaller. Secondly, it saves companies money when they don’t have an overhead for office space, electricity, heat and vending machines. Thirdly, it seems to be helping in the ethics department, too.

After surveying 200 companies, and assessing the behavior of all the employees in different working environments, it was found that “among regular telecommuters, 11% of companies reported ethics violations in the last year,” compared to the rate of ethics violations of 36% among employees who had to go into the office. Telecommuting has also shown to boost “morale and productivity.

While the study doesn’t point out exact reasons as to why it’s this way, I have my thoughts on the subject. Personally, when I work from home there’s this need for me to give my bosses a play by play of exactly what’s going on at my “home office.” I guess without someone having the ability to check in on me at any given notice, I want to confirm, or rather prove, that yes, I am working; and no, I haven’t been online shopping for the two hours. But maybe that’s just me.

Telecommuters, out there, does working from home make you more honest, too?







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    • Anne

      I work from home full-time. I don’t know if it makes me more honest. The whole company works from home offices most of the time, so it’s just part of the culture to be accountable and reliable.