• Fri, Sep 16 2011

Office Buzz Word Of The Week: Out Of Pocket

Today’s office buzz word(s) is out of pocket.

Example usage:  “Please note that while I’m out of town, I’ll be out of pocket.”

Office related definition:  Being completely out of reach; away from the office and without means of being contacted.

Origin:  The term comes from having to pay office-related expenses, but that meaning has since evolved to the definition above.

Personal interpretation:  This makes absolutely no sense in my mind. If someone could explain it to me, that would be great.




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  • Courtney

    It was my understanding that “out of pocket” means that you have limited access to e-mail/phone, as you will be utilizing your cell phone to conduct business… which you keep … (all together now) in your pocket! Not that you will be completely unreachable…