Kate Moss And Rimmel: 10 Years Of Business Bliss

Kate Moss and Rimmel have been in bed together for a decade now. Like any great partnership, they’ve had their ups and downs, but were able to dust themselves off and get back on the business horse again and ride into the sunset like the end of some great movie.

Even when things got really rocky with her 2005 cocaine scandal, Rimmel did not throw their girl to the curb. While other companies dropped her, like Swedish retailer H&M, and her career hung in the balance, it was Rimmel who stood strong. Rimmel + Kate = Business Bliss

To celebrate the decade together, Rimmel threw a lavish party in Kate’s honor at Battersea Power Station in London last night, where Kate showed up to the event in a helicopter, of course. She lives in the same city as the event, but obviously a helicopter lift was essential for such a star.

Earlier that day at London’s Claridge’s hotel, Kate presented her debut line of lipsticks for the brand which consists of 15 different color options for those of you who want a pucker like the iconic model.

When asked what makes Rimmel’s “London Look” so appealing to female consumers, Kate explained:

“I think an eclectic look really, anything goes in London. It’s very different from in Paris and New York, you can be who you want to be.”

And she would know since she’s traveled the world extensively since she was discovered at age 14, and has been modeling ever since. However, 10 years from now, Kate will be 47 years old; it will be curious to see if she’s still the face of Rimmel then. In the model world, that’s usually well over retiring age.

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