Celebrate American Business Women’s Day Like A Business Woman Should

Happy American Business Women’s Day! It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since Ronald Reagan spoke the immortal words that would define his presidency: “I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim September 22, 1986, as American Business Women’s Day.”

As a Business Woman, this is your day. You’re probably not even reading this because you have the day off, just to celebrate being a business woman. You’re wearing your favorite casual pantsuit, and you’re sending your shoulder pads in to be specially re-stiffened. You’re slicking back your hair into a no-nonsense “vacation bun,” and you’re shouting on your car phone about all your business deals. You’re clutching your briefcase like a security blanket. You’re finally diving into your stack of dusty old BusinessWeek magazines. Fox Business is on mute while your stereo blasts “Takin’ Care of Business.” You’re refreshing Business.gov.

You’re calling up your secretary to yell at her about how you don’t have time for this. You don’t have time for her incompetence. You don’t have time for that meeting. You don’t have time for her to leave early to care for her sick child. You don’t have time to make friends. You don’t have time to smile. You don’t have time for … love.

After all, as a business woman, you have charts to make, and pointers to point at the charts in a businesslike fashion during your business meetings. You have revenue to generate. You have business expenses to file for your business trip in which you made excellent use of your hotel’s business center. You’re running out of business cards, and you haven’t even started that business plan with your business partner. You have to network with your old friends from business school, who have their own busy lives as business women.

You are an American Business Woman and this is your day. Tomorrow, of course, it’s back to business as usual.




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