Your Rainy Day Work Wardrobe Guide From The Of A Kind Founders

Well the West-coasters probably aren’t as familiar, but right now us East Coasters seem to be stuck in some sort of summer-to-fall-transition never-ending rainstorm and it is really annoying. Everyone was all ready to wear their adorable fall clothes but now it rains everyday and is still warm. We are showing up to meetings looking like wet rats because we thought wearing a bright yellow poncho would look dumb. Little did we know, you also look dumb when you are soaked or are sweating like a maniac because you have been wearing giant rain boots that don’t let your feet breathe. Well luckily Of A Kind founders Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, are here to rescue us once again.

In case you aren’t familiar (which you really should be) Of a Kind is a web shop and art gallery for up-and-coming designers. It supports and promotes the designers by giving viewers access to their collections and allows customers to purchase exclusive limited edition items. This helps the designer become more recognized through word-of-mouth and gives bragging rights to the person who “discovered” this fabulous new fashion line. It was also the first store to exist on Tumblr.

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