The 5 Top Office Pet Peeves And A Guide To Dealing With Them

LinkedIn just released a survey ranking the top pet peeves that are plaguing offices all over the world. The survey questioned over 17,000 professionals asking ‘what’s your pet peeve’? Not taking ownership for your actions took first place followed by a negative attitude, dirty common areas, starting meetings late or going long and people who don’t respond to emails in a timely fashion.

It is also interesting to see how professionals in different countries were peeved. Apparently our friends over in Italy are a little more relaxed as professionals there only selected 15 out of 38 peeves on the list that they were really bothered by. India on the other hand is a very peeved nation as their professionals selected 19 peeves on the survey. Office pranks rank highest in Japan, with Brazil getting most peeved by excessive gossiping and then apparently you can wear much more revealing outfits in Sweden.

We could go on for hours about all the things that annoy us in our offices but what about actually dealing with them, especially if you are a manager. We talked with Nicole Williams, author of Girl On Top and LinkedIn’s connection director, and other experts about a way to deal with all the peeves in our work life.


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