Your Office Chair Is Killing You: Here Are 6 Seating Alternatives

You spend at least eight hours a day sitting in your office chair, which means you probably spend more time there than in bed. That means there’s a case to be made that choosing a comfortable office chair is more important than a great mattress. A much-publicized recent major study found that people who sit for the majority of the day were more than half as likely to die of heart attacks, regardless of other health problems. And if your chair doesn’t kill you, just by being a chair, it’ll almost certainly make you uncomfortable: A survey conducted by Staples found that 86% of office workers say their furniture, particularly their chairs, causes discomfort. As the Wall Street Journal pointed out recently, “No other piece of workplace furniture evokes stronger physical and emotional attachments than the office chair.” Let’s take a look at some alternatives to the back-breaking hunk-a-junk you’re probably sitting on right now.

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