A Lazy Man’s Guide To Halloween Costumes For The Office

It’s October which means Halloween is right around the corner. The extra candy and the fall leaves are great but what about Halloween costumes in the office? This is always a stressful dance as you want to show that you have some holiday spirit but you don’t want to actually put much effort into a costume because this could detract from your work. At the same time though Halloween costumes are the perfect time to show everyone that you are way more clever than them. Here are some costume ideas that you can put together in less than an hour but shows everyone that you are intelligently superior to them.


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    • Eileen

      A few Halloweens ago, I bought a cardboard box, removed the top and bottom, covered it in wrapping paper, put ribbons on it for straps, and wore it. Add a bow on my head, and I was a birthday present – and the costume came off easily when I needed to be serious, folded up to carry on the subway, and thoroughly charmed everyone at the office where I was working.

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