10 Notable Businesswomen On The Work Life Balance Struggle

What is work life balance? Does that literally mean working for said number of hours per day and then going home and making sure you either spend that same amount of time with your family or doing something that makes your personal life more exciting. If that is the case, then a lot of working mothers are going to end up just watching their children sleep for a few hours or women without children are going to stay up late doing various activities? “It doesn’t necessarily mean you work x hours and play y hours. It’s really a matter of knowing what’s important to you. Your priorities are going to change over the course of your career,” says Surina Shukri, a vice president in JP Morgan’s Natural Resources Investment Banking group.

According to a new U.S. World & Report survey on work life balance, alpha moms which are defined as working woman, aged 32 to 54, with children under 18 at home, and a household income more than $50,000 are more satisfied with their work life balance than other women. The alpha mom is “She’s ambitious, organized, resourceful, and has an entrepreneurial spirit. Overall, thestudy showed that men claim to have more work-life balance and to be happier workers in general, but of the women polled, it’s the Alpha Mom who is happier than other women. This is mainly attributed to Alpha Moms having more support at home and their priority to organize work and personal time.”

Though the work life balance is never easy we thought we’d see what some of the top women in their fields say about the struggle. Some were very positive and some were brutally honest.



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