Is Beyonce Wearing A Fake Baby Bump To Boost Her Career?

The internet is swarming with reports today that Beyonce is faking her pregnancy after a very disturbing video of the singer doing an interview in Australia surfaced. During the interview Beyonce’s tummy collapsed revealing only a sagging dress. The bump then popped back into shape suggesting the belly to be prosthetic of some kind. The video is very convincing that this woman is wearing a prosthetic belly.

There are now rumors that she may be using a surrogate which leads me to believe she felt that telling everyone she was carrying the baby would be a better career move. Pregnancy makes celebrities very relatable but surrogacy is still seen as more unusual and something often only very rich people do i.e. not relatable. If Beyonce had remained mum about the whole pregnancy (whether surrogate or real), which some celebrities do do, it would be a different story but the fact that she declared that she was carrying a baby so loudly to the world makes this appalling if it is true.

Beyonce’s pregnancy has brought her stardom to a whole new level. Sirius radio host Maggie Mistal said of the star, “Her personality is her brand. So the more she connects with her audience, the better—getting the whole world excited that she’s pregnant is a great brand move.” And she has strategically used her pregnancy to help her career every step of the way. First there was the Mommyjacked VMAs in which the show really became all about her announcing her pregnancy to the world.  After the news was revealed 8,868 tweets were sent per second, according to Techland. She also used her pregnancy to promote her fashion line, House of Dereon. “It actually is really good for the maternity…we do have some things that I am still trying to rock!” she said recently.

If it does turn out that Beyonce has been lying about being pregnant this could be extremely damaging to her career. This is not the first time that lies have been associated with Beyonce as many have speculated that, she has been lying about her age for years (she says she’s 30, but many think she’s seven years older). If she is 37 this could mean she chose to use a surrogate or had to because of age-related complications associated with carrying her own pregnancy to term. If that was the case, did she think using a surrogate wouldn’t do anything for her career? But many women struggle with age-related complications when having children later in life, especially those that have put career first. If this turns out to be true she will have alienated a large group of women which will not be good for her career.


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