How to Get a Promotion, Our Take on What not to Say

my current salary is just not cutting itJust like there are seven words you can’t say on television, there are seven things you really shouldn’t say when you are asking for a promotion. According to career coach Dorothy Tannahill Moran, timing is not a point on the calendar in terms of when to ask for a promotion. “Rather, the right time to ask is only AFTER you have delivered well and consistently the requirements of the job. You need to be in an going dialogue with your boss to ensure you know what the performance expectations are along with how well you deliver on them.” But she added you should also be sensitive about timing for the boss and the company. “If the boss has either returned or is preparing for a trip, you could get lost in the frenzy. Let the dust settle so they can pay attention to you. If the company has just done an expense control measure you may want to allow a space of time to allow expenses to get where they need to be so your request doesn’t come as just another blow to the budget.” Keeping those things in mind as well as these tips from career coach experts on lines you absolutely do not want to say when asking for a promotion.

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    • Erich Lagasse

      This guide is great because it emphasizes that employees must be careful with what they say. Moreover, I think they must be careful with everything they do. Managers will not promote employees who make mistakes, quite contrarily, they look for people who can help them ‘babysit’ the people who do make the mistakes. We recently posted a guide that discusses this. I hope it’s useful. – Erich

    • Erich Lagasse

      This is the link to the article: