7 Of Our Favorite Ridiculous Job Titles From Advertising

There is a German proverb that goes, “Empty heads are very fond of long titles.” This is not to say that a job title isn’t important and necessary. Job titles help to indicate organizational structure to newcomers and outsiders, they tell people the relative importance of the person they are working with, and communicate to everyone your role within the company. But it seems that, in some organizations especially ones that have social media teams, they did not get this memo on the purpose of a title. It seems like in some businesses they just pulled different words out of a hat and then decided they would make a good title when combined. Though some of the titles are cute and funny according to Skooba Design CEO Michael Hess, “100% of customers would rather get their needs taken care of splendidly by a boringly-named customer service representative than get mediocre service from a cheerful and fun, but less effective ‘satisfaction advocate.’”

It seems that in certain industries titles are just getting more and more ridiculous. Plan B came up with the top most ridiculous titles in advertising. We picked a few of our favorites:



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    • Amy

      Guru is the worst. And I’ve also seen (programming language) Rock Star. It’s as bad as Ninja. These people are neither. I can’t apply to any listing with these horribly fake titles.