Dear Forbes, Women Can Be CEOs If Chauvinists Are Put In Their Place

This just in: the glass ceiling is actually a barrier of pre-pubescent boys making fart jokes. This stunning information comes courtesy of Gene Marks, the short, balding and mediocre contributor to Forbes‘ blog Quicker Better Tech in a piece titled “Why Most Women Will Never Become CEO.” By the way, I’m not being cruel, that’s how he describes himself in his bio.

Marks explains that he had an epiphany while driving teenagers home from the movies. A car-full of guys jokes about bodily functions. Obviously, these boys are going to do great things in the business world. The group of girls were fighting over something said by a boy. Those teenage girls and their drama, right? They could never amount to anything.

The writer goes on to explain all that is holding women back in the workplace. A lady’s appearance must be attractive, but not too attractive. She must be an amazing mother without missing any opportunities at work. And she can never let her guard down or relax at all, because women must be held to a higher standard of etiquette.

You know what? A lot of that might be correct. There is still a battle of the sexes that occurs in the workplace and women are still working their asses off to fit into a man’s world. Or, I mean, their rear ends. Because ya know, women shouldn’t curse. Only men can get away with that.[tagbox tag="Forbes"]

How does Gene Marks know that gender discrimination takes place everyday? Because he’s the one who perpetuates it. Honestly, this walking inferiority complex of a man is the one who comments on how hot you are when you leave the room, instead of discussing the presentation you just gave. He’s the husband who put a pillow over his head when the baby was crying and made his wife, who also worked full-time, deal with sleepless nights and exhaustion. He’s the guy who has a daughter, yet believes that women will never be more than a pretty face and family to take care of.

Gene Marks knows that gender discrimination takes place because he commits it.

So we’re supposed to take his word that things will never change. Even though more women are earning college degrees than men. Even though families across the country are learning to co-parent and share the responsibility for raising their children. With all the progress that’s being made by professional women, gender discrimination will still take place because men like Gene Marks will commit it and then throw up their hands and say, “That’s how the system works.”

I’m sorry, but “Boys will be boys” is no longer an excuse for despicable behavior. Successful women don’t need insecure men to give us permission anymore. We’re capable of climbing to the top of the ladder, no matter whose standing at the bottom to comment on the view. Women are strong and intelligent.

You want to know who should be scared for their jobs? Men who think that they can maintain their positions by belittling those around them. Short, balding men who are content with being mediocre. Those guys should be petrified, because women refuse to accept that we’ll never make it to the top simply because a couple of chauvinist pigs say that it can’t be done. If Mr Marks thinks I’m wrong, he should check out the ForbesWoman blog. I’m sure they’ll be happy to tell him just where he can drive to next. Be careful Gene, they might curse.

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