Top Tech Companies Keep Their Employees the Happiest

The Great Place To Work Institute released its list of the 25 best Multinational companies to work for and Microsoft nabbed the top post. Interestingly enough the three companies that followed Microsoft were IT companies as well: SAS, NetApp and Google and then FedEx came in at number five. The rankings were determined by surveys filled out by “more than 2.5 million employees.” Also included in the analysis were “workplace culture analytics” from 5,500-plus companies.

The most surprising finding in the ranking was that salary ranked below a number of other attributes in importance. Respect for the company’s leaders, work/life balance, the type of work employees are performing and the quality of co-workers and leadership all ranked above pay as more desirable. “Microsoft is a great place to work not only because of what we do, but because of the quality of the company culture that our employees have collectively created,” said Lisa Brummel, the chief people officer at the company.

What most of these top ranking companies did seem to have in common was their ability to make every person at every level in the company feel important. According to a study by Maritz, an employee motivation agency, 55% of employees strongly agree that the quality of their company’s recognition programs affects their performance. The three traits all of these companies had were employee trust in management, employee pride in the company and workers feeling camaraderie with other colleagues that they were all striving toward a common goal, according to USA Today. Microsoft’s Canadian division gives workers 40 paid hours annually to use for volunteer activities, and NetApp’s chairman, calls about 30 employees every week to thank them for their work. NetApp also nabbed a top spot because when it had to cut its workforce by 5%, the company’s higher-ups hosted in-person meetings and handed out a video in which the CEO explained the reasons behind the layoffs. As we discussed in our guide to doing proper layoffs compassion and accountability are two of the most important things you can do in that situation.
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