Poll: Does Asking For A Flexible Schedule Make You Seem Less Ambitious About Your Career?

This week we have been talking a lot about women coming back from maternity leave and some deciding to stay and some deciding to leave. According to a new survey from More Magazine, more professional women are choosing time over money.  Two out of three women reported they would prefer to have more free time than a bigger paycheck, and two of five said they would be willing to accept less money for more flexibility. Being the boss is even less appealing to them:  three out of four women in the survey — 73% — say they would not apply for their boss’ job. Almost two of five — 38% — report they don’t want to put up with the stress, office politics and responsibility that often go hand in hand with such positions. More Editor-in-Chief Lesley Jane Seymour says she’s hoping that the survey, conducted in June, is more a reflection of the stress and negativity of difficult economic times and not a permanent trend.

Studies have shown that women who are giving flexible work options after having a child are more likely to stay with their company. “When confronted by one or more job demands, a flexible schedule provides working moms with alternatives for meeting those demands while caring for their newborns. When working moms are better able to control their work environment and adapt, work-related stress is less likely to become a family issue,” study author Dawn S. Carlson, a professor of management at Baylor University. But it was also found that women in higher positions in England and the U.S. feel like they can’t ask for part-time or flexible work because they will lose their jobs so does that really make them more ambitious?

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