Sony Options Kate Bolick’s ‘All The Single Ladies’ For TV

What a story this is. Last month journalist Kate Bolick wrote a great cover story for The Atlantic called “All The Single Ladies.” It received a ton of attention from the media and got 30,000 likes on Facebook because she basically explained the new modern way career-driven and well educated women approach marriage now.

Bolick wrote women don’t need husbands in the way that they used to which could be a major factor as to why the number of single adults rose to 50%  in 2010, compared to 33% in 1950, according to census data. And, Bolick writes, “according to the Pew Research Center, a full 44% of Millennials and 43%of Gen Xers think that marriage is becoming obsolete.”   We earn our own money now while 50 years ago, that really wasn’t possible. And we actually don’t even men to have children now with the amazing invention of IVF. But a lot of women of course do want to get married but they aren’t approaching it like generations before them did. Bolick talks about the fact that women don’t need to “marry up” like they used to. Now women are the “up.” Women may also be looking at men differently now because they don’t have to just think “Does this person have good reproductive potential?”

Does it sound like good fodder for a TV show? Well even if you don’t think it does somebody else did. Drop Dead Diva creator Josh Berman and Sony Television have now optioned “All The Single Ladies” with the goal of turning it into a TV series. It will be a scripted series, not a reality show, says Bolick, who will be credited as co-producer and creative consultant. Not too bad of a career move. And it will be interesting to see how this will be a TV show. I assume it will center around a woman with a fabulous career who dates a series of men that just aren’t as good as her. Or perhaps it will just be about different kinds of couples. “Everywhere I turn, I see couples upending existing norms and power structures, whether it’s women choosing to be with much younger men, or men choosing to be with women more financially successful than they are (or both at once),” she wrote in the article. So perhaps it will be 1/3 Modern Family, 1/3 Sex & the City and 1/3 NPR. But I will be a little upset if they call it Single Ladies.

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