8 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Monday Morning

Mondays are rough. The weekend is over. It’s back to the world of responsibility and deadlines. Generally, I find myself burying my head in the pillows and trying to sleep in as long as humanly possible without being late. That’s my normal game plan. Apparently, I’m going about it all wrong.

To actually be productive before noon on the first day of the work week, it’s helpful to wake up early and attack the day. Setting your alarm for 15 minutes earlier gives you time to readjust to the early morning routine, after a couple days of lounging in bed until the time felt right. It might give you the extra minute it needs to cook a warm breakfast, which will do wonders for your early morning mood.

In fact, there are a couple way for you to beat the Monday blues. From planning that you can do on Sunday night to what projects you should attack right when you get to work, it’s possible that your Mondays don’t have to be quite so manic. Here’s a few tips to beginning your work week at the top of your game.

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