Send Us Your Stories For ‘Corporate Detox Week’

Who here is sick of board rooms, Blackberries and bailouts? Let’s all raise our hands.

We spend a lot of time covering corporate America and the inner-workings of business industries and workplaces. From office politics to climbing the corporate ladder, business professionals have an intense life.

That’s why we at The Grindstone have decided that it’s time for our own holiday. No 8am meetings, put away those panty hose and drop the Drudge Report. It’s time for Corporate Detox Week!

We’re celebrating the brave individuals who left cushy office jobs in pursuit of their own passion. These “Find Your Bliss” aficionados will share the perks, pitfalls and inspiration behind their move from corporate America into start-ups, non-for-profits and plain, old quieter living. We’ll be sharing stories from former lawyers and Wall Street traders who left their stuffy, stressed lives and never looked back. We’ll also hear from defectors whose dream jobs turned into nightmares.

More than anything, we want to hear from our readers! Send your own stories of Corporate Detox in to The Grindstone for a chance to see your story featured on the site. Whether it had a happy ending or could be used a cautionary tale, let us know how you broke out of the corporate mold. I’ll be reading your submissions at LindsayCross @

Warning: Coffee-service withdrawal is a serious affliction and support groups will be held at the local Starbucks at 7am.

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    • Allison

      Yes! Excellent! I can’t wait to read these stories, I need hope that there is life beyond the cubicle and the wisdom of those who have gone before to make my own successful escape. Thanks, Grindstone.