Poll: Will You Be Shopping From Your Office On Cyber Monday?

Well, after hitting up Target for Black Friday and the local toy story for Small Business Saturday, are we all ready for Cyber Monday? That’s right, the shopping holidays aren’t over yet. There’s one more coordinated day of discounts to entice consumers to open up those wallets. Or more accurately, put some miles on that PayPal account.

Cyber Monday gives online powerhouses like Amazon, Groupon and Gilt Group a chance to get in on the shopping holiday craze. It also lets traditional retailers like Target, Toys ‘R’ Us and Best Buy extend all those amazing Black Friday deals. For consumers, Cyber Monday seems like a win-win. It gives you all the deep deals without any of the obnoxious and potentially dangerous Black Friday consumer mobs. So why wouldn’t we spend the day pointing and clicking our Christmas gift lists away?

Company firewalls.

Even if you’re company doesn’t block Amazon (and they probably should, you can spend hours on there), isn’t there a little bit of guilt associated with wasting work hours hunting for something called a Penbo that your niece just can’t seem to live without? Every company knows the dangers of employees whiling away the hours shopping on Zappos or creating the perfect picture  book on Shutterfly. Managers are quick to question an employees online activities whenever someone falls behind on their work.

And yet, here’s a day built for online shopping, a day when everyone is going to be sitting at their desk, trying to catch up from a four day weekend. Sure, we could wait until we get home at night, but we know that most of the good deals will be out of stock by then. And is anyone really waking up early to hop on Net-A-Porter? Even if they do have the perfect gift for your super-picky boss.

The fact is that Cyber Monday is built to take our minds off our work. This shopping holiday turns a simple lunch hour into a half-a-day Piperlime marathon. Are you going to succumb to the deep discounts from the comfort of your ergonomically-correct office chair?


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    • Jackie

      I have been tempted to do some Cyber Monday shopping (especially since I decided to skip the chaos on Black Friday). I have been checking out some of the sites with “best deals” lists like this one from SkinnyScoop > http://www.skinnyscoop.com/list/citychic/cyber-monday-2011-get-your-shop-on

      BUT I still haven’t bought anything….my co-workers have definitely been talking about some great buys they’ve already made though so I am very tempted :)