Will Bethenny Frankel Bounce Back From Her Career Failures?

Fall has not been so kind to Bethenny Frankel. After a summer of hits which started with a cover on Forbes calling her the new celebrity mogul plus talk that she would be getting her own talk show and writing more books, something went wrong. In September everything basically went into the toilet. First, it was found out that the number Forbes had thought she had sold her Skinnygirl brand for was false meaning their bold title for her was a little false, she apparently lied about getting lost at sea to make her reality show better and a law suit was filed against her for claiming to have only natural ingredients in her products when she really didn’t. And this week her proposed talk show will not go forward for fall 2012, a source tells the Hollywood Reporter. The pilot didn’t generate enough interest from local stations, and it was overshadowed when a slew of syndication projects from Katie CouricRicki LakeSteve Harvey, “Survivor” host Jeff Probst and Anderson Cooper were all snapped up. Page Six reported last month that Frankel’s proposed show was flopping with station owners who found her to be “too aggressive” and fast-talking in meetings with them. Producers subsequently brought on a “nice coach” to help make Frankel less abrasive, we were told. Bethenny has found herself in PR hell.

But if anyone can bounce back from these supposed failures it is Bethenny.  “I have always believed in myself,” she said about her work ethic. “You treat every job as if it’s the most important job, and you will end up where I have ended up.” Bethenny’s best strategy here is to assess why the show didn’t get picked up and move on. She has many other projects to focus on after all. Google Vice President Marissa Mayer once said she tells her employees to embrace failure.  It’s totally fine to fail, you just have to fail fast,” Mayer says. This logic of thinking is along the lines of knowing when to “kill your darlings” which we have discussed with entrepreneurs. There comes a point when you need to realize an idea or a part of an idea isn’t helping you move forward anymore and you have to put it away. The faster you can realize this the better off you are.  I may think Bethenny Frankel is quite funny and can watch her on a reality show where she gets to do anything she wants but a talk show is a whole different format. She may not have been as good as doing it as we would have expected. It is hard to do what Kelly Ripa does.

According to Catherine Lovering of Demand Media, people need to learn from mistakes. She wrote when a segment of your business process fails, take a close look at what happened and make changes to prevent it from happening again. And now Bethenny has time to focus on her other products and making them better. And Bethenny has bounced back from rejection and failure before so this shouldn’t be too difficult. “All the liquor companies told me Skinnygirl cocktails wouldn’t work. So many people told me no. You are alone in your decisions and have to go for it. I am 40 and I am proud and I just went for it in my own way. I had to stay strong and I was derailed a lot but I got back up.”



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