The Best Gifts To Impress Your Boss Without Busting Your Budget

What to buy someone with double your salary… It’s a difficult question to answer. After all, they have enough money to buy whatever they would like, right? It’s time to put all those long, rambling stories to use and find a gift that shows you really know your boss.

We’ve already given you some general guidelines to find the perfect present for your boss. But if you’re still stumped, don’t worry. The Grindstone has you covered with some wonderful gifts to impress your boss and keep your budget in the black.

I’ll even share my traditional office gift of choice. Our city has a local luxury chocolatier with some of the most amazing truffles I’ve ever had. Honestly, Godiva’s got nothing on them. So for the owners of my company, who insist on using small, locally-owned suppliers and vendors whenever possible, this is my go-to present. Chocolates are a classic holiday gift, but there’s a little extra thought that I think my bosses appreciate. (Don’t worry, even if they read this, I’ve been giving the same present for three years. They expect it.)

So if you aren’t already looking up local bakeries, here’s some more traditional ideas with a twist.

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