8 Tips To Help You Negotiate For A Better End-Of-The-Year Bonus


You actually should have already scheduled a meeting with your boss about your bonus a few months back so for some you may just be able to use this advice for next year. “Making a preemptive case for your bonus early is the best strategy for making sure you won’t be disappointed. Once bonuses have been determined by management, there is usually no negotiating room. So, write up a case for what you believe your bonus should be determined on,” Sandra Lamb told The Grindstone.

Also don’t try to catch the boss in the hall, in the middle of a crisis, or at another time when you cannot get the boss’s full attention, says DeLay. Also, while it is easier to do so, don’t just send an impersonal email. This topic deserves face time with a boss and the more positive face time someone can get with her boss, the better for her short- and long-term career.

Career Coach Dorothy Tannahill Moran told The Grindstone well in advance of year end close you need to hold a meeting with your boss in order to lay out your case for a bonus. If you wait too long you risk that the boss has had to make bonus recommendations. It’s also very appropriate to ask when the management will be working on bonus recommendations to ensure you have had a chance to meet with them on this subject. The action of pulling together your bonus request also serves as input for your annual performance review. You can’t rely on the managers memory to remember some great thing you accomplish 11 months ago. Your assessment of your goals versus your performance will provide your boss with all the information they need to evaluate you this past year.

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