8 Tips To Help You Negotiate For A Better End-Of-The-Year Bonus



This is the one time when you won’t sound obnoxious about telling someone all of the things you have done. Show what mama gave you (career skills wise)! Rebecca Rapple said don’t assume that your boss is aware of your contributions. “First and foremost in your negotiations, its important that you DO NOT assume that your boss has any idea what you have accomplished. Often, bosses forget, overlook or are simply unaware of your major contributions, so make sure that you don’t assume any knowledge of your achievement,” said Rapple.

All too many women are overly critical about the work they do, said Tannahill Moran. “Of course, there is always room for improvement but that is different than an honest review of your results. Now is not the time to be modest either. You have to believe in your own self worth and value in the work place for that to ultimately be reflected in the salary you receive.”

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