Your Holiday Office Party Wardrobe Guide From The Of A Kind Founders

According to a new survey from, there will be more holiday office parties this year. Roughly 58% of employers are planning holiday parties, up from 52% in 2010. So you know what this means? Delicious cheese plates and holiday outfit meltdowns. Women, more than men, tend to get in trouble in social situations because they have so many more options, says branding specialist Amanda Sanders of NewYorkImageConsultant. And in the quest to look good, women often choose revealing rather than understated outfits. Sanders, who has dressed Gwyneth Paltrow, says the main mistake women make at company holiday parties is dressing too sexy. “People really lose sight of the fact … that this is still a business event,” she says. But never fear, the founders of Of A kind, Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur, are here to get us through this work attire crisis and provide us with a great as well as work-appropriate outfit.

In case you aren’t familiar (which you really should be) Of A Kind is a web shop and art gallery for up-and-coming designers. It supports and promotes the designers by giving viewers access to their collections and allows customers to purchase exclusive limited edition items. This helps the designer become more recognized through word-of-mouth and gives bragging rights to the person who “discovered” this fabulous new fashion line. It was also the first store to exist on Tumblr.

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