CBS News Asks The Grindstone What Not To Do At An Office Holiday Party

Last night CBS News did a segment on the do’s and dont’s for employees at office holiday parties and to get that expert knowledge they of course came to The Grindstone! B5 Media Editorial Director, Meghan Keane, weighed in your best strategy for the party, which people often seem to forget is still a business event. One of the big rules: Don’t get drunk. Another biggie: Don’t hook up with a co-worker. “When you’re at your office holiday party and your flirting with a co-worker it may seem harmless to you, but later on it could be something that becomes sexual harassment suit,” said Keane in the interview with reporter Cindy Hsu. Also, don’t put pictures up from the party on your Facebook wall. Even if your company doesn’t have an official policy on it, it can just lead to trouble.

These are important rules to keep in mind as a new survey from shows that there will be more holiday office parties this year. Roughly 58% of employers are planning holiday parties, up from 52% in 2010. The news segment covered other strategies including attire and etiquette and for more tips read our post on 10 Holiday Office Party Sins You Don’t Want To Commit. Watch the video below.

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