Creepy Co-Workers: How To Spot A Stalker At Work

JP Morgan StalkerI have some experience with work relationships. Ya know, having married a co-worker. But there’s a story making the media rounds that might have held me back from dating the man of my dreams. The creepy, stalker-ific tale of a married JP Morgan Analyst and his beloved girlfriend is enough to keep women everywhere at a comfortable distance from their amorous co-workers.

Daniela Rausnitz had a semi-serious relationship with her co-worker David Gray. Gray apparently even considered leaving his wife. I mean, that’s true love right there. But then Daniela had to relocate to London for work and she began to feel “stifled” by David’s affection. So she decided to end their relationship. Apparently, this guy wasn’t taking “No” for an answer. He began inventing insane stories to try to see Daniela, including claiming that his sister died and he was serious injured in an accident. He broke into her home and planted a tracking device in her phone. In other words, he went more than a little insane.

We here at The Grindstone, feel very sorry for Daniela and the soap opera she has lived through. But we want to make sure our treasured readers don’t fall victim to the same unhealthy trap. We’d like to give you some tell-tale warning signs to make sure you aren’t welcoming a David into your life.

(Photo via Gawker)

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