Bethenny Frankel Launches Back From Failure Quite Well And So Should You

Last week we asked whether Bethenny Frankel could recover from a slew of recent career failures. Actually one was barely a failure and the others were more bad press, except in show business any press is good press. Well, it turns out, Bethenny can cope with failure very well.

After two years of ridiculous and very public success, Bethenny hit a bump. First, it was found out that the number Forbes had thought she had sold her Skinnygirl brand for was false, meaning their bold title of “The Next Celebrity Mogul,” was a little less than accurate.  She apparently lied about getting lost at sea to make her reality show better and a law suit was filed against her for claiming to have only natural ingredients in her products when she really didn’t. The last week it was announced that her proposed talk show was not going to go forward for fall 2012, according to  The Hollywood Reporter. The pilot didn’t generate enough interest from local stations. [tagbox tag= "Bethenny Frankel"]

But instead of giving up and mourning the moment, Bethenny took it all in stride and more importantly she kept going. “I have always believed in myself,” she said about her work ethic. “You treat every job as if it’s the most important job, and you will end up where I have ended up. Bethenny announced she would be expanding her already huge $120 million lifestyle empire with Skinnygirl Loungewear. She also went to a breakfast to celebrate being one of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry. She nabbed the #100 spot on The Hollywood Reporter’s 100 Most Powerful Women In Entertainment list.

According to Catherine Lovering of Demand Media, people need to learn from mistakes. She wrote when a segment of your business process fails, take a close look at what happened and make changes to prevent it from happening again. And now Bethenny has time to focus on her other products and making them better.  As Gilt Groupe Chairman Susan Lyne recently told a group of top women in the entertainment industry, failure can be “incredibly liberating.” When she was very publicly fired from her post as head of ABC Entertainment she was very upset but then she realized something.  “I had never decided what I had wanted to do before, except my first job, in magazines. It was the first time I could remember feeling in control of my destiny.”

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