6 Ways Working Moms Can Improve Their Multitasking Skills

At the recent Digital Media Summit held in Stratford, Ontario a subject that seemed to keep coming up was the ability to multitask as a working mom. Women including Arianna Huffington talked about the challenges of being able to do this and whether you are able to really “have it all.” According to a new study published in the American Sociological Review, working moms spend nine more hours multitasking weekly than do working dads. These women spend about 48.3 hours per week handling multiple tasks at once, while for men, the total hours spent getting various things done is just 38.9 hours. These results make the findings of multitasking being more stressful for women than for men make sense. While men reported their multitasking performance as a positive experience, women tended to report negative emotions whether they performed such tasks at home or in public.

Well, what can we do about this? Probably not much. But some women have at least figured out parts of it. Huffington Post came up with a great list of advice from successful women such as Huffington and Lenora Hume, an award-winning TV and film executive, and then we added a few more ladies to the mix.

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