The Afternoon Grind: The Holiday Spirit And Colored Denim

• Get into the holiday spirit through mulling. (The Hairpin)

• These TV shows display culture mixed feelings about babyless life. (Double X)

• Perfect dresses for the office holiday party. (Daily Muse)

• How to wear colored denim. (The Budget Babe)

• Tips for hiring/interviewing project managers. (Women 2.0)

• Why Pearl Harbour still shocks 70 years later. (The Stir)

• Who to see before starting a relationship. (HuffPost Women)

• Ways to minimize holiday stress. (Divine Caroline)

• Holiday hookups defined. (YourTango)

• Teen makes dress out of tea bags. (The Frisky)

• Nice Guys finish last.. what about women? (YouBeauty)

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