Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Playboy’ Leak May Not Have Helped Her Acting Career, But She Isn’t Out Of The Game Yet

The fallen-from-grace Lindsay Lohan may have truly come to the end of her career rope today when her not-much-talked-about Playboy spread was leaked online. The photo shoot, which Lindsay was paid $1 million for, was supposed to get her career some kind of attention (not neccessarily the good kind) but in a classic Lohan move, first the cover and then the entire spread were “leaked” online. Not a very smart move if it was someone in Lohan’s camp who did in fact leak it.

But doing the Playboy spread, which is called “Lindsay Reborn” was not a very smart move for Lohan’s career in the first place and at this point, it may have been a hopeless move. “The whole idea that it may revive her career? I think those days are long gone,” said magazine industry expert Samir Husni. “There’s more benefit to Playboy than Lindsay … this pictorial and this publicity will put Playboy back in the public eye. Although I doubt that anything can help Playboy in this day and age.” This is not going to be the comeback she was hoping for.

As Koa Beck, a writer for our sister site Mommyish wrote, “the former child star looks beautiful, clearly evoking Marilyn Monroe and Veronica Lake in a very literal imitation. But as she curls around cushions and pouts her big red lips, it’s apparent that this is her last opportunity to shock us.” After all, Lindsay’s first nude photo shoot didn’t help her career that much back in 2008 for New York Magazine. The magazine’s online traffic jumped significantly, but Lohan didn’t see much improvement in her career and her negative rating for celebrity likability actually increased.

And as our sister site Blisstree points out, this shoot’s ode to the tragic Marilyn Monroe only reminds us that Lindsay is very troubled and on a destructive path similar to the iconic actress. Other than easing her financial situation — Lohan’s lawyer recently told a court she couldn’t afford counseling — it’s not clear how a Playboy spread will help her. Playboy may have been able to help actresses in the past but any sort of help may be too late for Lindsay.

However, positive writer Kate Ward of Entertainment Weekly thinks this may be the beginning of a different career for the actress:

“Lohan could use this opportunity to transform from good-girl-gone-bad to bad-girl-gone-entertaining. In this day and age — when audiences can’t get enough of booze-fueled disastrous antics of the Jersey Shore cast — it’s not unthinkable that Lohan could carve out a fruitful career for herself as a professional train wreck.”

Basically, this writer and I have given up hope that Lindsay will ever have a normal acting career again and reach the level of her former peers like Natalie Portman and Rachel McAdams (her Mean Girls co-star.) But she could possibly re-emerge as an A-List star on the D-List. Not that this is admirable at all, but if money is all she needs she could make plenty. She obviously doesn’t put credibility or responsibility high on her list.  ” If the past 10 years of television has proven anything, it’s that Americans love train wrecks as much as they love their freedom and Baconnaise,” wrote Ward. And there is no doubt that Lindsay Lohan wouldn’t be perfect for that job.

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