7 Reasons Why Company Loyalty Still Matters

This week, my company had it’s annual holiday party. I spent six whole hours outside of work, socializing with my co-workers and we had a completely amazing time. Honestly, it was really enjoyable. Even if we might have been a little hungover at work the next day, we all went in feeling a little more affection for the company that provides our paychecks every week.

I wrote about this experience and how I believe it helps our company keep happy workers. And although I realize that many people would prefer a holiday bonus, I was surprised by some of the feedback I got. An anonymous commenter didn’t just prefer a bonus, he or she seemed to think any attempt to create a cohesive and supportive work environment was futile.

“I have to be honest. I don’t go to work to have some “family” or “group of pals”. I go to WORK. I do my job and sell my skills for MONEY. Nothing more. I think the polls scream out the same thing. Workers want work to be work…they want it to be a job, and then go home to their enjoyment.

Let workers who are that close go out to the bars after work. Spare people their time and give them a real sign of appreciation…money in their pockets.

It sounds like I’m saying you have to buy loyalty…but that’s the hard truth. If it wasn’t then people wouldn’t be jumping from job to job in search of a better paycheck.”

I don’t believe that money is the only way to inspire company loyalty. I think that you need to pay your employees competitively, but there are so many components to job satisfaction, it isn’t always about the bottom line. And creating happy employees is key, both for the company and for the people who work there. Company loyalty benefits everyone and here’s a couple of key reasons why.

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