The 10 Most Overused Words On LinkedIn

An effective track record of dynamic communication skills begins with motivated problem solving. Did that sentence make your eyes glaze over? That’s because it included six of the most overused buzzwords of the year, according to a new list compiled by LinkedIn. The networking site released its list of the 10 most tired words and phrases spotted in its profiles. Are you guilty of employing any of these career cliches in your resume or cover letter? In a tribute to the classic Women Laughing Alone with Salad, we’ve paired them with stock photos of women smiling with resumes.

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    • Rachel

      This was silly. Those words are used because they are standard and well understood. If it looks like you used a thesaurus to create your LinkedIn profile or resume, people see right through it as trying to hard to stand out instead of just letting your numbers and use of structure communicate the important stuff. What are synonyms for “creative” that don’t make you sound like a conceptual artist or grade 8 student with his first thesaurus?

      • Jane

        Use concrete examples of those buzzwords to show how you’ve been creative/innovative/effective in the past.

        For ex: Redesigned Company Y’s website and increased site traffic by 27%. Developed paper recycling program and saved Company Y $3,000 a year. Initiated training program for XYL Software and oversaw the instruction of 125 staff members.

        Specific information about your skills and achievements stands out more and means more than a bullet list of positive adjectives that could apply to a thousand people.

      • Mitch

        I agree with you, Rachel.
        What words are you suppose to use when writing a resume of cover letter these days ?

    • Jessie

      Excellent, Rachel