Offices With Walls And Working 9 To 5 Will Soon Be Things Of The Past

According to a new survey by the Teknion Corporation, by 2015 77% of the respondents will have more open, collaborative workspaces with less private offices in an effort to reduce their overall space. Kay Sargent, Teknion Vice President of Architecture, Design and Workplace Strategies, said “Companies rarely achieve a decrease in their overall square footage requirements solely by shifting from private offices to open, shared space. The overall square footage usually stays about the same because of the increase in collaborative or meeting areas. Open, collaborative spaces simply provide more options.”

The survey also found that many employers are offering flexible work schedules as a draw for new employees. “The number one draw according to 41% of respondents is access to flexible workplace options. Another 39% indicated that having the most leading-edge technology was the key. The shift from technology as the main consideration may result from people today being less dependent on the technology supplied by their offices as they often have better devices than those provided by their employer. Today we’re becoming a BYOT, or bring your own technology society, and companies are working to support the devices their employees are selecting,” said Sargent.”Technology is the single largest factor fueling change in the workplace today, so understanding it is essential.”
Of the companies surveyed, 89% reported that they plan to increase their investment in productivity-enabling technologies such as voice-activation technologies and sophisticated video conferencing by 2015 beyond current spending levels. “Today, the only thing we know will be constant is change,” Sargent concluded. “It’s inevitable so we need to embrace it.”
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