Taking Clients To The Gym May Be The Future Of Networking

Your work/life balancing act may have just gotten a little bit easier. According to a recent article in The New York Times style section, bringing clients to the gym may be the newest trend in business. The article by Courtney Rubin featured interviews with a number of people that look at doing a spin class or a boxing match with a client as the ultimate icebreaker. “People love it if they can get in a workout and check networking off the list at the same time,” said Trish Gubiotti Lynn, an advertising account director for Yahoo.

It seems that shorter, intense work-outs are the perfect solution for business people who are sick of just doing drinks night after night and for people who may not have five hours to play golf. It also forces you to workout. One of the women interviewed said she was having trouble making herself go to her 7 am spin class but she definitely had that extra bit of motivation to go when she could take a client. Plus, she could do it a little later in the day which helped. You are getting that great surge of exercise to start your day and knocking a meeting out of the way. And awkward nakedness in the locker room? Apparently, that provides even more bonding. “I’ve had some of my best conversations while changing,” said Loren Bassett, a real estate agent with Corcoran. She said the intimacy provided by both yoga and the locker room has helped her win six clients. And if your client doesn’t exercise, one woman started doing sweatworking sessions at a Jivamukti yoga studio. The client was grateful.

Though our friends over at The Jane Dough said they would rather not do any activity with a client that involved punching them in a boxing session or just sweating profusely in them, I think this is a great idea. You have to figure out which clients to do it with and you may have to try a few activities but for certain industries I think this could be great. And frankly, for women especially, I think it is a little more interesting than women doing meetings at the hair salon which is also a new trend. 

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