End Of The Year Chores To Keep You Busy During The Holidays

Who can concentrate on work when they still have presents to buy and wrapping to complete? When there’s snow falling lightly outside and we’re preparing for a barrage of family to invade our homes? It makes it a little hard to think about your year-end sales goals and monthly account overviews. After the office party is over, what else are we supposed to think about while we sit around in our offices, staring at the awesome holiday screensaver we picked out? Now is the time to pull out mindless end of the year chores that require little focus and no actual effort.

You could pretend that you’re going to work. You could print reports and pull up spreadsheets. But those twinkling lights around your office doorway are going to pull you away. The all-Christmas-music all-the-time radio station is going to be stuck in your head. Suddenly you’ll find yourself humming, “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas” and you’ll know that this attempt is useless.

Honestly, you might as well just give it up. This is not the week for actual productivity. This is the week for bullshit. Thoughtless, mind-numbing bullshit. It will allow you to say that you “worked,” even though your mind was focused on that stupid Fijit your niece wants desperately and how on earth to track one down. By the way, good luck with that.

So here are my suggestion for ways to make it through the work week. Don’t worry, only a couple days left.

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    • Christina K.

      Loving this article….especially as I sit here at my desk on an empty office building floor on day 4 of the slowest week of all time.

      It’s amazing how much “mind-numbing” bullshit you can get through in times like these…not that I would consider reading The Grindstone mind-numbing bullshit. :)

      • Lindsay Cross

        Hehe! Thanks. We’re happy to count down the minutes with you!