Could Pippa Middleton’s New Years Eve Party Make Or Break Her Career?

Pippa Middleton is hosting a huge New Year’s Eve party at her family’s mansion. Parties are fun but this could be the event that solidifies that Pippa is an ace party planner and that her book will be a success. Yes, she is partly hosting this shindig because this has been a tremendous year for Pippa but also there is definitely an ulterior motive here. The professional party planner will be hoping to show off her hospitality skills before publishing her book on being the perfect hostess – for which she received a £400,000 advance. A friend of the Middleton’s told Tatler Pippa “works hard and is a real London career girl. She does the PR for Table Talk and has a very easy-going manner. I think the Middletons’ work ethic is deeply ingrained. Pippa is quite ambitious.” The 28 year old has even booked out an entire hotel near her parents’ pile in Bucklebury, Berks, for the expected overspill from the party. [tagbox tag="Pippa Middleton"]

This may not help her situation with the Queen much better. Last week it was reported that  the $600,000 party planning book deal Pippa has landed put sister Kate Middleton in a slightly awkward place with Queen Elizabeth. A source reveals that the Queen actually “scolded” Kate about Pippa’s book deal and that she needs to get her family “under control.” The Queen believes the monarch is about donating time to charity and giving back, not exploiting newfound fame. However, in my opinion, Pippa should absolutely exploit her fame. No, it wasn’t earned but gosh darn’t she has it. She may as well use it to help her current career as a party planner and get a book deal out of it. Hillary Reinsberg of wrote of the situation, “Pippa, as you may recall, is not married to a Prince. Instead, she’s the daughter of working parents, who’s writing a book about the industry she grew up around. At the end of the day, she may be exploiting her fame, but who isn’t? She’s making money and creating a business.”

And Pippa should definitely celebrate her year. The Middleton’s have helped boost the party planning industry as a whole and Pippa and Kate have both made tremendous impacts on the fashion industry. 

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