10 Clichés That Should Be Banned From Your Office In 2012

Lake Superior State University in Michigan recently put out its annual list of the year’s most overused words and phrases, from “blowback” to “baby bump” to “thank you in advance.” The school solicits submissions from all over the world, which means this is the language your coworkers are really, really sick of hearing. Using trendy clichés projects youth and shallow thinking. (Careful with your body language, too!) Don’t be the annoying one at the water cooler this year. Check out the list and strike these 10 phrases from your vocabulary this year. Otherwise, beware the blowback.

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    • Christina K.

      While I don’t give two hoots what the esteemed Lake Superior State University has to say…I agree with several of these. The best part of this post by far is the photo for “Occupy.” I literally laughed out loud when I saw it.

      I would suggest adding “low hanging fruit” and “leading from behind.” The last one especially…since no one can seem to agree on what that actually means/describes.

      Oh yeah…and any comparison between Michele Bachmann and Margaret Thatcher should also be banned.