Demi Moore Has Been Cast As Gloria Steinem Because They Both…Have Hair?

In disturbing and poor casting decisions news today, it was revealed that Demi Moore has been cast in the new Linda Lovelace biopic as iconic feminist Gloria Steinem. Yes, that’s right. Demi Moore, best known for her acting “assets” in Striptease and Indecent Proposal (okay, Ghost was pretty good) will be playing the founder of the feminist movement. Steinem also founded Ms Magazine and worked undercover as an official Bunny at the New York City Playboy Club  in 1963 in order to write a major exposé of the scene. As far as we can tell, Demi got the role because she wears glasses (s0metimes) and so does Gloria Steinem.

Steinem criticized adult entertainment and wrote the 1972 profile, “The Real Linda Lovelace,” in which she detailed how Lovelace was forced into the industry. In the profile, Steinem wrote that “the myth that Lovelace loved to be sexually used and humiliated was created by her husband” and that, among other things, Deep Throat producer and Lovelace’s husband, Charles Traynor, held Lovelace captive, forced her into prostitution and threatened her at gunpoint. Demi was very good in the Charlie’s Angels sequel, but come on! This is Gloria Steinem. In an article for The Huffington Post on the HBO documentary, Gloria: In Her Own Words, released this past fall, Sheryl Sandberg wrote, “As I watched her evolve from a journalist forced to cover patterned pantyhose to an activist demanding equality for women, the simple truth struck me over and over again: my life is better because of Gloria Steinem.”

It should be noted that Lindsay Lohan was originally cast as Linda Lovelace but was later replaced by Amanda Seyfried because she couldn’t be insured by the studio making the film as well as some other issues.

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