Poll: Does Anyone Still Like PowerPoint Presentations?

This morning, during our weekly meeting, a vendor representative stopped in to excite our sales team for the new year. He had incentives and new products and all kinds of awesomeness to talk about. The man even brought bagels and cream cheese, God love him. You want to know what else he brought? He handy-dandy PowerPoint clicker. Instantly, our entire sales team zoned out and starting doodling on their expense reports.

As I sat there, trying to be an attentive audience during the droning presentation, I wondered why any business person is still throwing their information and tables into a PowerPoint. Why are we all still firing up that projector? With the ubiquity of awful business PowerPoints, pulling out that corporate format to dispense important information is like asking Ben Stein to read out winning lottery numbers. Why would you sell your presentation short by putting in an universally despised format?

The only answer seems to be that some people out there don’t hate PowerPoint presentations. I have a hard time believing it, but it must be true if we’re still using them for every quarterly update and new product lunch. Is my PowerPoint aversion simply not on track with the rest of the business world? Do you guys really these things? I just have to know.

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    • fig

      There’s an art to giving a good powerpoint presentation.
      Almost no one knows it though.
      I cringe everytime someone reads me the information they put on the slide. There are a lot of bad presenters… unfortunately, they all now have access to powerpoint.

    • Sherry

      I would love to hear what an alternative solution would be..?

      • fig

        Hey Sherry,
        Have you ever seen TED talks? They tend to be much better at presenting information in engaging ways than the typical powerpoint.
        I’d start there as an interesting jumping off point.

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