Here Are 5 PowerPoint Alternatives To Try In Your Next Sales Meeting

Yesterday, I admitted that I completely zone out and lose interest the minute a PowerPoint presentation makes it’s way into my meetings. Even if I know the information is useful, I have a hard time paying attention to this now-classic presentation tool. Slide after slide, bullet point after bullet point, my eyes start to glass over and I might even drool a bit. I just can’t help it!

While I was hoping that you all would support my PowerPoint protest, I have to admit that you all let me down with your logic and good sense. 68.8% of you admitted that while these business stand-bys aren’t exactly thrilling, they’re a useful way to communicate information. In other words, they’re a part of life. Get over it Lindsay! One of our resigned commenters even said, “I would love to hear what an alternative solution would be..?”

Well Sherry, I’m hear to argue that there has to be another way. In fact, I’ve come up with a couple ideas that might just save your next sales presentation. I refuse to take this boring-slideshow-acceptance lying down, though I’ll admit that PowerPoint makes me want to take a nap. I’m determined to find a more engaging way to present incentives, sales figures or any other information you might want to get out there.

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    • Christina K.

      “Business people seem to rely on PowerPoint out of insecurity, not usefulness. It’s a crutch.”

      YES! I couldn’t agree more.

      People don’t realize how great they can be if they go sans-PowerPoint. Crazy animations and clicking and sound effects end up being a handicap are are very distracting, both for the presenter and the audience.

      We should all take a step back and focus on honing our public speaking abilities rather than our Microsoft Office skills.