This Woman Just Got Fired Through Facebook

It was pretty bad when Carol Bartz got fired over the phone a few months back but getting fired through Facebook is actually worse. I mean, it’s Facebook. It is one thing to be fired for your comments that you make on it, but to actually get the message through this particular social medium is really upsetting. Even LinkedIn would be better. A woman named Angel Clark, a talk radio host, was fired by the station WGMD on her Facebook account.  The basic gist just thanked her for her time with the station and that they were moving in a different direction.

Angel wrote on her blog, “I can understand wanting to “take your programming in a different direction”, but is there a reason why employees no longer deserve a even a phone call when you cut off their income with no warning?” Plus it sounds like she was an exemplary employee:

“I have worked for WGMD for almost a year without missing a single scheduled day. I was electrocuted on the air when the station was struck by lightening, I completed a 5 hour show with no phone lines and ringing ears because I couldn’t reach anyone higher up on the “totem poll” to tell me what to do. My boss answered one text message, but then ignored his cell phone. I worked Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, and New Years Day. I’m not whining, I just think I should have AT LEAST gotten a phone call.”

A phone call would have, in the slightest way, made her feel better. Angel did write back asking for more of an explanation and as of now hasn’t heard back. That phone call to Carol Bartz sounds pretty nice right now.

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    • Diane

      I can relate to your story. I was just fired from Target for missing days that I had doctors notes for, and this was after returning to work after breast cancer. I tried hard to make it to work and was told by my doctor that it takes a good year to recover from all the treatments I went through. In 9 month I missed 5 days. I had all my hope to retire from this company. I’m now 53 and it is going to hard for me to find another job. I have work for them for 3 years plus.

      • Lainey

        Yikes, I’m sorry to hear they weren’t more compassionate. Good luck finding something new!

    • Loopy

      Is getting fired over facebook even legal? I mean, are we all now legally required to check facebook constantly for personal news? What if she had not gotten the message and reported for work anyway? I’m pretty sure that if a subpeona was delivered via facebook it wouldn’t be legal so how is this legal?

    • John Johns


      That is the most disgusting story, i have ever read. What a shameful company. But of course the money is the new god and you affected their profits so you had go

    • Jane

      I’ve only been fired once, from a startup website that “decided to go in a different direction” and no longer needed anyone in my position. Which – as you stated above – is understandable and happens, but they sent it to me via email. I guess on the bright side, it was the most unprofessional behaviour I’d ever seen, and was immediately thankful I was leaving their company!

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