Margaret Thatcher’s ‘Iron Lady’ Image Is Still Influencing Working Women Today

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher still has quite an effect on professional women even though she hasn’t been in office since 1990. According to a new surveywomen are emulating some of Margaret Thatcher‘s most well-known traits to try to get ahead in the workplace. Just as the former Prime Minister was given elocution lessons to help her “too-feminine” voice and sported power suits to make her seem more authoritative, women today are adopting throatier voices, wearing longer hemlines and displaying less cleavage. Findings suggest that 56.7% dress more conservatively to boost their careers while almost have half perfect a more masculine tone. Commenting on the survey carried out by One Poll for Business Environment, company CEO David Saul said: As the first major female leader of our times, it’s not completely unexpected that today’s women should want to emulate her in various ways – intentionally or not.

This trend is expected to grow more with the recent release of the film The Iron Lady today starring Meryl Streep as Thatcher. The film shows Thatcher’s journey to the top and that her trademark style wasn’t just born overnight. She worked with style consultants tirelessly to make sure she was presenting the perfect image of power. And though they had to work on Margaret toning down some of her more feminine attributes like her voice and her love for hats, Margaret and her team also realized the power of the feminine touch. This may have been why Thatcher insisted on wearing those pearls. Findings also suggest that modern businesswomen don’t forget the power of the feminine touch.More than two thirds of the 2,000 surveyed (64.3%) confessed to wearing more-make up to the office, perhaps an indication that whilst they value the ‘power effect’, they realise the female touch can bring about success in other ways. So find some pearls and a nice suit. Voice lowering optional.


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