TheGloss Dating: The Cure For The Common Online Dating Site

You’ve been working long days all week. You finally go home and, even though it’s Friday night, you’re too tired to even make it to the local bar. The thought of even trying to find romance in your life right now seems impossible considering you live at your office. And, yes, we know your coworker Steve has made it very clear that he is available for dates with you, but you actually have dignity. What you don’t have is time.

And that is where TheGloss Dating comes into play.

TheGloss Dating, brought to you by our sister site TheGloss and online dating site HowAboutWe, is perfect for the busy working woman who only has a limited amount of free time. That’s because instead of just meeting someone at a bar after an extremely long, stressful day when you are literally brain-dead and your hair looks nowhere good as it did at 9 a.m., TheGloss Dating invites you to suggest a time for potential dates when you will be more well-rested. Best of all, you can propose an idea for that date that’s more interesting than just meeting at a bar or coffee shop like walking in the park or going to the circus. You want to spend your precious little free time catching up with the new exhibit at the Met or seeing your favorite band play, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice that in the quest to find a boyfriend. You can do both — enjoy your favorite activities while meeting someone who shares your interests. After all, isn’t that the whole point of dating anyway?

And if you’re looking for new ways to explore your city, TheGloss Dating also offers you the option of picking potential dates proposed by singles who would be a good match for you — basically a dating concierge that will help enhance your dating life through offers of new and exciting things to do around town.

TheGloss Dating fits with our motto of making your life as easy as possible. You can outsource your grocery shopping, housekeeping and decorating, and now you can also make meeting new people and planning your dates easier. After all, you can do it all from the comfort of your desk chair. This is a site for real people who just went to get down to business. The business of meeting people that is.

And remember you are not alone! For a little bit of context and research (because we love research): 31% of US citizens use dating websites, 120,000 marriages took place in 2008 that began with Internet dating and in 2011 it is estimated that $932 million dollars will be spent on Internet dating online compared to $469.5 million in 2004. Join the revolution now.

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