Is Pippa Middleton Using Her Sister’s Birthday Party To Help Her Career?

Earlier this week news came out that Pippa Middleton was planning on throwing a big, 80′s themed birthday party for her sister, Kate Middleton, who turns 30 today. An insider said, “Given the people organizing it, you can be sure it will be brilliant.”  Prince Harry is apparently helping too. Sources told Grazia  magazine that the super-sized party would feature drinks by mixologists Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Sterling and a karaoke machine for the end of the night. The guest list was said to have included the Beckhams.

However, now reports are saying that the big bash has  been cancelled in favor of a more low-key affair with just the family. “Whatever is planned will be low-key and private,” a spokesperson for the palace shared with the Daily Mail. Was the party possibly cancelled because this looked like another opportunity for professional party planner Pippa to promote her career? In December,  according to reports, the $600,000 party planning book deal Pippa has landed, had put sister Kate Middleton in a slightly awkward place with Queen Elizabeth. A source reveals that the Queen actually “scolded” Kate about Pippa’s book deal and that she needs to get her family “under control.” The Queen believes the monarch is about donating time to charity and giving back, not exploiting newfound fame. So they believe Pippa is trying to benefit from the fact that she is now an international celebrity. However, unlike the Kardashians who coveted fame Pippa is famous simply because she is the sister of the woman who married the future King of England, and is very attractive. But to be mad at Pippa and say she is exploiting the Royal family and what it stands for by writing a book about party planning seems a bit extreme. She is trying to make the best out of her situation and if it helps her launch a writing career then good for her. Hillary Reinsberg of wrote of the situation, “Pippa, as you may recall, is not married to a Prince. Instead, she’s the daughter of working parents, who’s writing a book about the industry she grew up around. At the end of the day, she may be exploiting her fame, but who isn’t? She’s making money and creating a business.”

She was basically just trying to throw her sister a nice 30th birthday with the help of a Prince. I think all of our jobs would be a lot easier if we had Prince Harry helping us out with stuff. But the Royal Family may have looked at it in a less positive way. Of course, every party that she is involved in planning is a chance for her to show off her skills, but what is she going to do? Not throw parties for her loved ones. Plus, it’s not hurting anybody. The Middleton’s presence in the party planning industry is helping boost the business tremendously. According to The Daily Mail, findings show that the month after their daughter married Prince William, requests for new event businesses rose by 55%. Prior to the royal wedding there had been a lull in the industry and interest had dipped by 20% during 2010. When Kate announced her engagement to Prince William last year, thousands flocked to the Middleton’s website and the number of browsers quadrupled to nearly 300,000. There was a 25-fold increase in the number of people typing the company name into the Google search engine. “The Middletons have certainly raised the profile of the industry as a whole,” said Jude Freeman from Cheltenham, who has been running a party business since September.

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