Owner Of Event Planning Firm Named Blue Ivy Tells Us She’s Experiencing “100% Chaos,” Thanks To Beyoncé

When Veronica Alexandra went to bed on Saturday night, she had no idea that Beyoncé was about to change her life. The founder of the Boston-based event planning firm Blue Ivy got a text message late that night informing her of what the whole world now knows: Beyoncé and Jay-Z had welcomed a baby daughter — and named her Blue Ivy. Since then, Alexandra has been fielding calls from gossip writers and contemplating what’s next for her career. She spoke with me about why she chose the name for her company, what else she has in common with Beyoncé, and why she’s hoping to hear from the singer soon.

What exactly does Blue Ivy — the business, not the baby — do?

I started it in January of 2009. We’d been doing events before that, but I branded it to have a name like his, rather than just my name. We do over 40 kinds of events — all milestone events. … Weddings are a specialization, and that’s where I focus, but it’s really anything have to do with social celebrations. … That’s why I’m in business. I’m an artist and a designer. It’s really just a matter of creating an incredible celebration for an incredible day.

Where did you get the name “Blue Ivy”?

It’s partially complicated, but also simple. Blue — there’s a lot of reasons behind that. It’s very special to me because on the wedding side, you have “something borrowed, something blue.” And it’s also based on the concept of this blue flower this guy Novalis [an 18th-century figure in German Romanticism] wrote about. It’s considered an unobtainable flower, but it creates inspiration, enlightenment, and love. That really frames the company, and the purpose of my career. …

Blue is very boutique, but it can also be corporate. It can be taken seriously. I also just loved “ivy” as a word. It took me six months to figure [the name] out. Blue Ivy is short, pretty, and it comes off the tongue correctly. And ivy is not blue, so I wanted to show edge, and that we think outside the box. Ivy is a growing vine. It evolves, and grows the way a company grows.

How did you get the news about Beyoncé’s baby?

My husband got this text message in the middle of the night. He screamed out, “Beyoncé named her baby Blue Ivy!” I was sleeping, probably dreaming about unicorns or something. As soon as I heard it, I thought, it’s impossible! No one would do this. But I also had an instantaneous understanding of what this meant. I obviously knew this mogul, this icon, has the same priorities I do when it comes to very important things in our lives. She named her baby this, and my company is my baby. It was almost inevitable that our paths would cross. … The more I think about it, the more I think it wasn’t random. Although I wouldn’t name my daughter Blue Ivy!

Has it just been total craziness so far?

100% chaos. I haven’t had a drink, haven’t peed. My stomach is empty. But it’s a priceless moment.

Do you think this will help your business?

Yes, 100%. We’re going to put something on our website that shows we have a lot in common with Beyoncé. We came first, and we’re really excited to share something so special with someone who is so special. I’m very excited, and I don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s been very funny and very fun.

Do you think you’ll hear from her?

I’m dying to know Beyoncé’s reaction! Did she have a clue? I’m 100% confident she saw my website before she named her baby. I’m dying to know, you know, what are her thoughts? Does she think, “Who cares?” or “Kudos”? Obviously we have a lot in common. I want to hear it from the horse’s mouth!

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