Over 70% Of Our Readers Think Pippa Middleton’s Career Intentions Are Just Fine

Earlier this week we wrote about the fact that an big 80′s themed birthday bash to be thrown by Pippa Middleton for sister Kate’s 30th birthday, was cancelled in favor of a low-key intimate gathering. We wondered if maybe this was because the Royal Family was mad that Pippa was using her new-found fame to promote her party planning career. This is feasible as in December,  according to reports, the $600,000 party planning book deal Pippa has landed, had put Kate in a slightly awkward place with Queen Elizabeth. A source reveals that the Queen actually “scolded” Kate about Pippa’s book deal and that she needs to get her family “under control.”

But when we polled our readers it was decided that it was absolutely fine for Pippa to take advantage of her spotlight and put it towards advancing her career. Seventy seven percent of those who took the poll thought it was great she was putting her fame and power towards helping her career while only 22% thought it was wrong to use Kate’s connections.

Pippa is famous simply because she is the sister of the woman who married the future King of England, and is very attractive. Even Barbara Walters, who named her one of the 10 Most Fascinating People, pointed out she got so much attention for really not doing much besides slightly stealing her sister’s thunder at the wedding and then going to work for the rest of the summer in very cute outfits. That is what makes her fascinating. Hillary Reinsberg of TheJaneDough.com wrote of the situation, “Pippa, as you may recall, is not married to a Prince. Instead, she’s the daughter of working parents, who’s writing a book about the industry she grew up around. At the end of the day, she may be exploiting her fame, but who isn’t? She’s making money and creating a business.” And obviously this is the way most of you think too.

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