Surprise! Women Buy More Tech Products Than Men

Men may dominate when it comes to jobs in the tech world, and even interest in the tech world, but when it comes to actually buying tech products, women are on top. That’s according to a new survey that finds women are more likely to buy smartphones, laptops, and tablets — three of the four top categories in consumer electronics.

The market research firm Parks Associates asked 2,000 consumers late last year which products they intended to purchase by January 1. Women expressed higher intentions than men in every category except one: Flat screen LCD TVs. This tracks with data from 2010, when women bought an average of 4.7 consumer electronics products, compared with 4.2 for men. And it’s not just that some women are buying a ton of products, skewing the averages: More women than purchased any kind of tech item, period.

What’s more, women not only buy more tech products, we also use them more. The survey found that women watch more movies online, download more music, and upload more photos to the internet. According to Mashable, the survey also suggests that women are particularly into social tech experiences — like multi-player gaming, and Facebook games.

So while the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas may be a total sausage-fest, and men may be more interested in creating tech products, it turns out that women are the ones doing the shopping. Wait a minute … maybe this isn’t such a stereotype-buster after all.

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