Keep Calm – The Line Between Passion And Unprofessionalism

No matter how much we try to keep cool and detached, anger at the office happens. Sometimes, showing a passionate attachment to your work can prove that you’re dedicated and invested in your job. Other times, an uncontrollable fit of anger can make your co-workers uncomfortable and your boss question your ability to handle stress. It’s a fine line to walk between standing up for your work and insulting your boss and co-workers.

No matter how hard it can be for emotionally-charged employees to pull back, there are certain lines that can’t be crossed at the office. Even if it seems like another extension of your passionate nature, it can ruin your reputation and cost you your job. These displays of anger and frustration go just far enough to do serious damage and you need to be careful.

Displaying passion about your work is a positive attribute, but an over-zealous nature can do much more harm than good. Here are handy examples of business situations where just enough emotion proves your point, while too much sets you back. Give us your own passionate vs. unprofessional examples in the comments.

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